Box Tops Program

Our BOX TOPS program offers 3 ways to earn money for Reed Elementary

  1. Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of products and send them with your child to school.
  2. Shop at your favorite online store thru Box Tops Marketplace and up to 8% of each qualifying purchase is automatically donated to Reed. There are many participating stores, some examples are: Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Gap, Home Depot, Sears and Hallmark. This is just a fraction of the stores that participate with Box Tops for Education. Remember to go to to shop!
  3. Go to to register and we automatically receive points. You receive coupons, updates on how much Reed has earned and family pleasing recipes.

BOX TOPS earns our school 10 cents per box top.

Our TYSON A+ program is so easy

  • Just cut off the label at the top of each bag or box of Tyson products that says Tyson A+ and send it in with your child to school.
  • Go to for all products included.

TYSON A+ earns our school 24 cents per label.

Our CAMPBELL'S LABELS FOR EDUCATION program is now easier than ever

  • You don't need to send in the whole label anymore. No more fighting with the glue on the can.
  • All you do is tear off the yellow coupon with the point value and UPC, which is CLEARLY marked on all participating products and send them in with your child to school.
  • You can also send in the lids for V8, Prego, etc.
  • Go to for a list of products and what to send in.

CAMPBELL'S labels earns our school points towards everything from books to music instruments to science equipment to computers.


  1. Cut/clip/tear on the dotted lines.
  2. Put them in a baggie and write your child’s name, teacher name and number of labels/box tops on it.
  3. Send to school with your child and they will be given to the Coordinator of this program.