Ms. Stockwell’s Favorites


Birthday: October 26th

Color: Pink, White

Flower: Rose

Scent: Vanilla

Music: Country

Sport/Teams: Allen

Books/Magazines: Native American Novels

Authors: Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Place to Shop: Amazon, Target

Collections: Coffee Cups/Mugs, Crosses

Hobbies: Cross-stitch

Restaurant: Napolis

Fast Food: Taco Bueno

Candy: Milk Duds

Snack: Snack Factory Gluten Free Mini Pretzels (plain or


Dessert: Milk Duds, Gluten Free Brownies or Cookies

Sonic Drink: Dr. Pepper, Unsweet Tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: Starbucks Hot Chocolate



Mr. Josh’s Favorites


Birthday: January 7th

Color: White

Scent: Vanilla

Music: Country

Sport/Teams: Allen

Books/Magazines: Car

Place to Shop: Target, Amazon

Collections: Hot Wheels

Hobbies: Classic Cars

Restaurant: Napolis

Fast Food: Subway, Taco Bueno

Candy: M&M’s (plain)

Snack: Goldfish, Double Butter Popcorn

Dessert: Brownies

Sonic Drink: Dr. Pepper

Coffee/Tea Drink: Sweet Tea



 Ms. Bloom’s Favorites


Birthday: September 23rd

Color: Purple

Flower: Daisy

Scent: Cinnamon

Music: Rock

Sport/Teams: Women’s Soccer

Books/Magazines: Texas Monthly, Texas Highway

Authors: Evanovich, Lucado

Place to Shop: TJ Max

Collections: Fabric, Yarn

Hobbies: Sewing, Crochet

Restaurant: Campisi’s, Mexican

Fast Food: Panera Bread, Taco Cabana

Candy: Butterfinger, Resse’s, Spree’s

Snack: Chocolate

Dessert: Chocolate or Cinnamon

Sonic Drink: Unsweet Tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: Unsweet Green Tea @ Starbucks




Ms. Hodge’s Favorites


Birthday: May 25th

Color: Purple & Blue

Flower: All

Scent: Vanilla & Lavender

Music: Classical

Sport/Teams: None

Books/Magazines: Variety

Authors: Nicholas Sparks

Place to Shop: Target, Walmart, JC Penny



Restaurant: Uncle Julio’s, Snappy Salads

Fast Food: Chick-fil-A

Candy: Smartpop - popcorn

Snack: Healthy Nuts – Cashews, Almonds, etc.


Sonic Drink: Water w/lime or Unsweet Tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte



Ms. Tillinghast’s Favorites


Birthday: December 30th

Color: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Flower: Green Plants or Gardenia

Scent: Anything

Music: Country




Place to Shop: Vera Bradley, Staples

Collections: Butterflies

Hobbies: Scrapbook

Restaurant: Zoë’s, Chipotle

Fast Food: Chick-fil-A

Candy: Chocolate, Hot Tamales

Snack: Popcorn


Sonic Drink: Diet Cherry Limeade

Coffee/Tea Drink: Unsweet Tea w/ Sweet & Low


Ms. Hale’s Favorites


Birthday:  June 25th

Color: Royal Blue

Flower: Baby Roses

Scent: Happy by Clinique

Music: Broadway Musicals

Sport/Teams: New England Patriots

Books/Magazines: Reader’s Digest, Health, Harry Potter and

 The Chronicles of Narnia

Authors: C.S. Lewis

Place to Shop: Groceries-Kroger, Clothes-EWWW!

Collections: None – I hate dust!

Hobbies: Singing

Restaurant: Anywhere I can get a great steak!

Fast Food: Arby’s

Candy: Dove Dark Chocolate, Caramel

Snack: Popcorn

Dessert: Turtle Brownies

Sonic Drink: Diet Cherry Limeade

Coffee/Tea Drink: