Ms. Foster’s Favorites

Birthday: June 26th
Color: Purple/Blue
Flower: White Rose
Scent: Sandalwood
Music: All
Sport/Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Golden Sate Warriors
Books/Magazines: All
Authors: James Baldwin, Eve Bunting, All
Place to Shop: Amazon
Hobbies: Reading, Food, Traveling
Restaurant: Bonefish Grill, Liberty Burger, Uncle Julio’s, Blue Fish
Fast Food: La Madeline, Chick-fil-A, Whole Foods, Mooyah,
Candy: Hershey’s Kisses
Snack: Almonds, Fruit, Protein Shakes/Bars
Coffee/Tea Drink: Green Tea (all flavors)

Ms. Weston’s Favorites

Birthday: July 24th
Color: Green, Red, Yellow
Flower: Gardenia
Scent: Gardenia
Music: Blues & Rock & Roll
Sport/Teams: Alabama, Crimson Tide
Books/Magazines: Anything Non-Fiction
Place to Shop: ”At Home” Walmart, Sample House
Collections: Pottery
Hobbies: Organizing, Biking, Dancing, Reading
Restaurant: Blue Goose, Le Madeline’s
Fast Food: Chicken Express
Snack: Popcorn
Dessert: Chocolate or Buttermilk Pie
Sonic Drink: Diet Cherry Coke or Sweet Tea
Coffee/Tea Drink: Sweet Tea

Ms. Stinchcomb’s Favorites

Birthday: March 18th
Color: Orange
Flower: Any
Music: All
Sport/Teams: Oklahoma State, Cowboys
Books/Magazines: Science
Authors: All
Place to Shop: Walmart, Dollar Tree, Amazon & Kroger (gift cards
to buy science lab supplies)
Collections: Turtles
Hobbies: Gardening
Restaurant: Elke’s & La Madeleine
Fast Food: Sonic
Candy: Caramel
Snack: Chocolate & Almonds
Dessert: Cookies
Sonic Drink: Cherry Coke Zero
Coffee/Tea Drink: Coffee