Ms. Leslie Diaz
Room 136 - Math

Birthday: June 17
Color: pink patterned, animal print
Flower: sunflowers
Scent: pumpkin, clean, beach
Sports/Teams: Clemson, UCF, FSU
Books/Magazines: fiction, mystery, YA, sci-fi
Place to Shop: Target, TJMaxx, Walmart
Collections: Jim Shore Disney and Christmas
Hobbies: reading, visiting new places
Restaurant: sushi, Cheesecake Factory, Mexican
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A, Starbucks
Candy: any chocolate, Skittles, Haribo dummies
Snack: fun-flavored popcorn or nuts
Dessert: brownie ice cream
Sonic Drink: 1/2 and1/2 tea
Coffee/Tea: pumpkin or white mocha coffee
Homemade Meal: Mexican dishes, grilled chicken with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes
Food Allergies: moldy cheese (like blue, gorgonzola)

Ms. Nichole Foster
Room 135

Birthday: June 26
Color: purple
Flower: Ecuadorian roses
Scent: lavender, teakwood, sandalwood, bergamot
Sports/Teams: NFL, NBA
Place to Shop: Amazon, Hobby Lobby
Hobbies: reading, travel
Restaurant: La Madeline, Zoe's Kitchen
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A, Cane's
Candy: Hershey’s Kisses
Snack: healthy
Dessert: ALL
Sonic Drink: flavored green tea
Coffee/Tea: green tea
Homemade Meal: any (grateful to not cook)
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Christi Stinchcomb
Room 134 - Science

Birthday: March 18
Color: blue
Sports/Teams: Oklahoma State, Cowboys
Books/Magazines: gardening, cooking, beach
Place to Shop: Kirklands, Hobby Lobby
Collections: sea turtles
Hobbies: travel
Restaurant: Jalapeno's
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: chocolate, caramel
Snack: almonds
Dessert: cake with buttercream frosting
Sonic Drink: limeade
Coffee/Tea: black with hazelnut flavoring
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Julia Kay Weston
Room 120 - ELA/SS

Birthday: July 24
Color: red, green
Flower: gardenia
Scent: gardenia
Music: rock, R&B
Sports/Teams: Greenbay Packers, Alabama Crimson Tide
Books/Magazines: nonfiction, People, Southern Living
Authors: Pat Conroy
Place to Shop: Sample House, Family Dollar, any thrift store!
Collections: pottery
Hobbies: watching old movies, walking, interior design, organizing
Restaurant: La Madeline, Fish Shack, Uncle Julio's
Snack: Lance's peanut butter and crackers
Dessert: any type of pie
Sonic Drink: sweet tea
Coffee/Tea: Sweet Tea
Homemade Meal: spaghetti
Food Allergies: can't eat anything spicy or hot