Ms. Casey
Room 162

Birthday: February 26
Color: yellow
Flower: Gerber daisy
Scent: Bath & Body Works' Beautiful Day, anything floral and "clean"
Music: Christian, country, classic 80s and 90s
Sports/Teams: Texas everything!
Books/Magazines: mystery, sci-fi
Authors: Patterson, Koontz, Grafton
Place to Shop: Target, Hobby Lobby
Collections: crosses & chameleons
Hobbies: reading, boxing
Restaurant: Uncle Julio’s, Cheesecake Factory
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane's, Taco Bueno
Candy: peanut M&Ms, Reese's, plain milk chocolate
Snack: flavored popcorn
Dessert: cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies
Sonic Drink: Sprite (easy ice)
Coffee/Tea: sweet tea
Homemade Meal: chicken fried steak with fixings
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Sheryl Fruehling
Room 164

Birthday: February 2
Color: blue, green
Flower: rose
Scent: fall, vanilla
Music: Mercy Me, Lauren Daigle, contemporary Christian
Sports/Teams: Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys
Books/Magazines: Cooking Light
Place to Shop: Hobby Lobby
Collections: salt & pepper shakers, children's books
Hobbies: cooking, traveling, watching sports
Restaurant: Dickey’s
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: M&Ms
Snack: trail mix
Dessert: anything with cinnamon
Sonic Drink: ½ & ½ tea or diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee/Tea: ½ & ½ iced tea
Homemade Meal: pasta
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Llanary Simms
Room 166

Birthday: October 20
Color: red
Flower: peonies
Place to Shop: Target
Restaurant: Mexican
Fast Food: Chipotle
Candy: Twix
Snack: hummus/pretzels
Dessert: Cheesecake
Sonic Drink: water
Homemade Meal: lasagna
Food Allergies: none