Ms. Karin Coons
Room 114

Birthday: May 4
Color: teal, red
Flower: rose, hydrangea
Scent: vanilla, clean linen
Music: country
Sports/Teams: volleyball, Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox
Place to Shop: Old Navy, Target, Amazon
Hobbies: volleyball (sand only), OTF
Restaurant: Mexican
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A, Chipotle
Candy: anything chocolate/peanut butter
Snack: dried fruit
Dessert: cheesecake, carrot cake, fruit with dipping sauce
Sonic Drink: iced tea
Coffee/Tea: hot, calming teas or ice tea
Homemade Meal: anything yummy!
Food Allergies: trying to cut breads out ("trying" is the key word! :))

Ms. Shelly Gallus
Room 110

Birthday: August 30
Color: kelly green, red, teal
Flower: hydrangeas, poinsettias
Scent: fall scents & lemon
Music: country
Sport/Teams: Ohio State Buckeyes
Books/Magazines: People
Authors: Robert Munsch & Mo Willems
Place to Shop: Amazon, Belk
Collections: Santas, snowmen, sea shells
Hobbies: making wooden signs, painting ornaments
Restaurant: Chuy's, Torchy's
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: peanut M&Ms
Snack:  Honeycrisp apples, bananas
Dessert: peanut and chocolate ice cream
Sonic Drink: unsweetened iced tea
Coffee/Tea: Peppermint Mocha w/soy
Homemade Meal: pizza, any seafood
Food Allergies: milk

Ms. Angie Kelamis
Room 108

Birthday: November 16
Color: bright, happy colors (lime green, orange, purple)
Flower: tulip, daisy
Scent: warm spices
Music: Christian, country
Sports/Teams: Dallas Stars
Books/Magazines: food, decorating
Authors: Lori Wick
Place to Shop: Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Loft
Restaurant: Italian, Mexican
Fast Food: Taco Bueno
Candy: Snickers, Mounds, Reese's
Snack: salty, chips, dips
Dessert: anything tart - lemon/lime
Sonic Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee/Tea: unsweetened tea
Homemade Meal: love food! :) 
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Kristyn Norman
Room 106

Birthday: October 6, 1990
Color: pink
Flower: daisy
Scent: fruity or pumpkin
Music: all
Books/Magazines: fiction, biographies, YA, children's books
Place to Shop: Old Navy, Target, Hobby Lobby
Hobbies: crafting, baking, Netflix marathons
Fast Food: Sonic, Chick-fil-A
Candy: Skittles
Snack: watermelon
Sonic Drink: watermelon slush
Coffee/Tea: neither - hot chocolate!
Homemade meal: grits
Food Allergies: none