Metroplex’s Adapted Swim Lessons


Let’s Swim!   Metroplex now offers lessons for all children/adults with varying special needs. An initial free assessment can be scheduled with Carolanne Gove: 214-769-8871;, certified Adapted Aquatic’s Instructor.  Lessons are based on the individual needs, skills and desires of the students and families.  Their indoor heated pool is kept at 92 degrees-year round to keep students comfortable while learning.  Start early for swimming lessons or work on coordinator and strength improvement – either way the water will feel great!

Dallas Children’s Theater - Sensory-Friendly Performance

A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD - February 20, 2016 at 1:30 PM 

HANSEL AND GRETEL - Kathy Burks Theatre of Puppetry Arts - March 12, 2016 at 4:30 PM 

General production adaptations include leaving the house lights up a few levels higher and reducing the sound level. They also offer a "Quiet Room" for children who need a break.  There will be some fun and engaging activities presented before the play, so plan to come as early as one hour before the show.

Want to arrange a pre-visit to the theater or have additional questions? Contact Gina Waits at: 214-978-0110 or  Tickets are $5 per person.   To purchase tickets, please call 214-740-0051

Tips for Learning Sight Words When Your Child Has Dyslexia


Kids with dyslexia can have extra difficulty learning sight words. Some of these words don’t follow standard spelling rules, so they’re not decodable. Others appear so often that kids have to recognize them quickly to be fluent readers. These tips can make learning sight words easier.

•    Create a memory aid - Come up with a rhyme including the word, or something associated with it.

•    Add artistic flair - Remembering a sight word is easier if they connect it to a picture. 

•    Use different senses - Trace letters on lists of sight words with her finger. 

•    Mental picture - Ask your child to get a good look at the word, and try to “take a picture of it.”

•    Explore word history - Checking out a word’s history can teach kids why it’s spelled so strangely. 

•    Do a word search - Have your child pick words she’s practicing at school in books at home.

•    Make time for fun/games - Play games like concentration, Go fish, tic-tac-toe, and hangman. 

More tips can be found at:

Reed's Chain of Inclusion- Now on Display

Come Check Out Reed’s


Chain of Inclusion


This simple chain of construction paper represents the thoughts of every student, every teacher, every staff member, and every person that takes care of our building and feeds us lunch.  Each strip of paper expresses why that person is happy with who they are.  The chain is located in the hallway between the library and cafeteria.  Come on in and take a look.  It will be hanging up until Open Housein early March.