Ms. Davonna Bussey
Room 158
Birthday: March 19th
Color: Blue
Flower: Rose
Scent: Fresh linen
Music: Country
Sports/Teams: Allen Eagles
Books/Magazines: Children's/Biographies
Authors: Any
Place to Shop: Target
Collections: None
Hobbies: Barnes and Noble
Restaurant: Mi Cocina
Fast Food: Chick fil A
Candy: Snickers
Snack: Doritos
Dessert: Brownies
Sonic Drink: Dr. Pepper
Coffee/Tea: Coffee--cream and sugar
Homemade Meal: Any
Food Allergies: Nope

Ms. Maggie Faramchi
Room 159

Birthday: June 21st
Color: Turquoise
Flower: Peony
Scent: Teakwood
Music: Pop
Sports/Teams: Texas Teck
Books/Magazines: Junie B. Jones
Authors: Dr. Seuss
Place to Shop: Target
Collections: MuddPie, Essential Oils
Hobbies: Orange Theory, shopping
Restaurant: Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory - not picky
Fast Food: Sonic, Chick fil A
Candy: Sour candies, M&Ms
Snack: Veggie Straws, Granola bars
Dessert: Brownies, candy
Sonic Drink: Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
Coffee/Tea: Hot Earl Grey
Homemade Meal: Casseroles
Food Allergies: Nuts

Ms. Karrie Roach
Room 156

Birthday: October 8th
Color: Pink
Flower: All of Them!
Scent: Light Blue
Music: All
Sports/Teams: UT, Baylor
Books/Magazines: Kids' Picture books for my kids
Authors: None
Place to Shop: Gap Outlet, Target, J. Crew Outlet
Collections: None
Hobbies: None
Restaurant: None
Fast Food: Chick fil A, Sonic
Candy: Chocolate
Snack: Cashews, Pistachios, Crackers
Dessert: Chocolate anything
Sonic Drink: Unsweet tea, Coke
Coffee/Tea: Unsweet tea
Homemade Meal: None
Food Allergies:None

Ms. Morgan Sedlacek
Room 155
Birthday: February 20th
Color: Green
Flower: Tulips, sunflowers
Scent: Citrus
Music: Blues
Sports/Teams: Football
Books/Magazines: Children's books, classroom chapter books
Authors: Eve Bunting, Judy Blume
Place to Shop: Amazon, Target
Collections: Coffee mugs
Hobbies: cooking, graphic design
Restaurant: Zoe's Kitchen
Fast Food: Chick fil A
Candy: Anything tart/sour
Snack: Chips, popcorn
Dessert: Brownies
Sonic Drink: Cranberry limeade
Coffee/Tea: Vanilla latte
Homemade Meal: Soup
Food Allergies: None