Ms. Shannon Hullum
Room 148

Birthday: May 12th
Color: Pink
Flower: Iris
Scent: Vanilla
Music: All types
Sports/Teams: Allen Eagles, Cowboys
Books/Magazines: None
Authors: Jo Boaler
Place to Shop: Target
Collections: None
Hobbies: Playing volleyball
Restaurant: Pei Wei
Fast Food: Chick fil A
Candy: Mint
Snack: Nuts
Dessert: Anything with coconut
Sonic Drink: Cherry limeade
Coffee/Tea: Raspberry tea, Hazelnut coffee
Homemade Meal: Pasta - any kind
Food Allergies: None

Ms. Tanya Johanson
Room 154

Birthday: August 11th
Color: Purple, blue
Flower: Sunflowers, daisies
Scent: Gardenia
Music: Pop, country
Sports/Teams: Tottenham Hotspur, Cowboys, FC Dallas
Books/Magazines: People, First
Authors: None
Place to Shop: Amazon, Walmart, Sears
Collections: Owls
Hobbies: Playing golf and soccer
Restaurant: Applebee's
Fast Food: Chick fil A, Zoe's
Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Snack: Cheezits
Dessert: Anything, banana pudding, chocolate cake, cookies, brownies
Sonic Drink: Cherry Coke, Cherry limeade
Coffee/Tea: Lemonade w/ tea, coke
Homemade Meal: Turkey, chicken salad sandwich
Food Allergies: None

Ms. Sabrina Passanante
Room 152

Birthday: May 17th
Color: Red/Black (classroom), Teal (home)
Flower: Stargazer lily
Scent: Apple cinnamon
Music: None
Sports/Teams: None
Books/Magazines: Novels for classroom library
Authors: Nome
Place to Shop: Target, Express, Whole Foods
Collections: None
Hobbies: Travel
Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, BJ's, Kelly's
Fast Food: Panda Express, Panera, Paradise Cafe, Zoe's Kitchen
Candy: Hot Tamales, Candy Corn, Twizzlers, Twix
Snack: Chex mix, fruit, smoothies, carrots with hummus, turkey jerky
Dessert: Ice cream
Sonic Drink: None
Coffee/Tea: Starbucks pink drink
Homemade Meal: Chicken kebabs and sweet potatoes
Food Allergies: None

Ms. Reagan Reeves
Room 153

Birthday: June 14th
Color: Pink
Flower: Sunflower
Scent: Vanilla, A thousand wishes (Bath and Body Works)
Music: Country
Sports/Teams: Stars, Cowboys, UNT
Books/Magazines: People
Authors: None
Place to Shop: Hobby Lobby, Target
Collections: None
Hobbies: Watching musicals
Restaurant: Pei Wei
Fast Food: Chick fil A
Candy: Gobstoppers, Butterfinger
Snack: Chips
Dessert: Vanilla or chocolate anything
Sonic Drink: Vanilla Coke Zero
Coffee/Tea: Iced coffee
Homemade Meal: Pimento cheese sandwich
Food Allergies: None