Ms. Brandye Barron

Birthday: July 17
Color: turquoise
Scent: vanilla, pineapple
Music: any
Sports/Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Rangers, Allen Eagles
Books/Magazines: any art books, How to Draw, etc.
Authors: Mike Venezia - hardback, "Getting to Know"
Place to Shop: Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, Etsy
Collections: monogrammed stationary, BBE, Eiffel Tower
Hobbies: drawing, painting, reading, traveling, Top Golf
Restaurant: Uncle Julio's, Maggiano's
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: Jelly Bellies, Haribo Gummy Bears
Snack: Chex Mix
Dessert: Bahama Buck's, Cheesecake Factory
Sonic Drink: Chicken Express' sweet tea!
Homemade Meal: Italian
Food Allergies: chocolate, seafood, cinnamon

Ms. Barbara Dill
Library Aide

Birthday: November 6
Color: red
Flower: anything with roots
Scent: anything clean/fresh
Music: country, oldies
Sports/Teams: Eagles, NE Huskers
Books/Magazines: history, biographies
Place to Shop: Target
Hobbies: gardening
Restaurant: Chili's
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: peanut M&Ms
Snack: white cheddar or dill pickle popcorn
Dessert: oatmeal or butterscotch cookies
Sonic Drink: diet Coke with lime
Coffee/Tea: iced black tea
Homemade Meal: any casserole
Food Allergies: none

Coach April Hernandez
P.E. Aide

Birthday: January 9
Color: bright colors, Cowboys blue
Flower: carnation
Scent: country vanilla, Bath & Body Works' Paris Amour
Music: country
Sports/Teams: Dallas Cowboys
Place to Shop: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Old Navy
Collections: anything Cowboys
Hobbies: grilling with family
Restaurant: Fuddruckers, Chili's, IHOP
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, Sonic
Candy: Sweet Tarts (not Smarties), gummy bears, Jolly Ranchers
Snack: almonds
Dessert: fudge brownies, plain cheesecake
Sonic Drink: Dr. Pepper, blue Poweraide
Coffee/Tea: sweet tea
Homemade Meal: anything Mexican or Italian
Food Allergies: None

Coach Adam Olsen

Birthday: July 29, 1979
Color: blue
Flower: pink roses
Scent: Epsom salt
Music: all except modern day rap
Sports/Teams: all
Books/Magazines: Sports Illustrated
Place to Shop: Target
Collections: money
Hobbies: running
Restaurant: Taco Bell, Sonic
Fast Food: Taco Bell, Sonic
Candy: peanut M&Ms
Snack: pistachios
Dessert: drumsticks (ice cream)
Sonic Drink: vanilla Dr. Pepper
Coffee/Tea: Starbucks
Homemade Meal: lasagna, enchiladas
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Jessica Simpson

Birthday: August 27
Color: all
Flower: all
Scent: cinnamon apple
Music: all
Sports/Teams: TX Longhorns, Cowboys
Books/Magazines: any and all
Authors: too many to write
Place to Shop: Target
Restaurant: Mexican/Tex-Mex
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Candy: Twix, Reese's
Snack: chips
Dessert: chocolate
Sonic Drink: Cherry Coke
Coffee/Tea: Caramel Macchiato
Homemade Meal: any
Food Allergies: none

Ms. Anne Summitt

Birthday: May 14, 1970
Color: blue
Scent: Yves St. Laurent's Opium
Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Reich, classical
Books/Magazines: cooking, Pulitzer Prize winners
Authors: Steinbeck, Lawrence
Hobbies: cooking, reading
Fast Food: Pei Wei
Snack: Ghardetto's