Ms. Summitt (Music)


Birthday: May 14th

Color: Blue

Flower: Marigold

Scent: Cinnamon

Music: All

Sport/Teams: None

Books/Magazines: Cooking, Pulitzer Prize Winners

Authors: Pulitzer Prize Winners

Place to Shop: None

Collections: None

Hobbies: Puzzle, Big Brother, Cooking

Restaurant: None

Fast Food: None

Candy: None

Snack: Chips, Breads, Salty Crunchy Stuff

Dessert: None

Sonic Drink: None

Coffee/Tea Drink: Water, Diet Pepsi



Ms. Barron (Art)


Birthday: July 17th

Color: Turquoise

Flower: Roses, Hydrangeas & Peonies

Scent: Vanilla or Pineapple

Music: Any

Sport/Teams: Dallas Cowboys

Books/Magazines: Any Art Book, How to Draw, etc.

Authors: Mike Venezia – Hardback “Getting to Know”

Place to Shop: Amazon, Target, Etsy & Hobby Lobby

Collections: All Things Art, Markers& Pencils, Anything BBE


Hobbies: Topgolf, Drawing, Painting, Reading & Traveling

Restaurant: Uncle Julio’s, Maggiano’s & La Madeline

Fast Food: Chick-fil-A

Candy: Jelly Bellies

Snack: Original Chex Mix

Dessert: Bahama Bucks

Sonic Drink: Sweet Tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: Chicken Express Sweet Tea



Ms. Dill (Media Resource Center)


Birthday: November 6th

Color: Red & Yellow

Flower: Anything with roots attached.



Sport/Teams: Allen Eagles



Place to Shop: Target




Fast Food: Chick-fil-A

Candy: Peanut M&M’s

Snack: Yogurt w/toppings & bbq chips

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake

Sonic Drink: Diet Coke w/Lime

Coffee/Tea Drink: Unsweetened Iced Tea



Coach Olsen (PE)


Birthday: July 29th

Color: Blue

Flower: Pink Rose

Scent: BBQ

Music: 80’s Rock

Sport/Teams: Soccer/FC Dallas



Place to Shop: Academy Sports


Hobbies: Running

Restaurant: Subway

Fast Food: Subway

Candy: Peanut M&M’s

Snack: Trail Mix

Dessert: Donuts

Sonic Drink: Vanilla Dr. Pepper

Coffee/Tea Drink: Vanilla Mocha